The weather is nice, sun is shining and you are driving around in your car. Suddenly the traffic light turns red and you have to stop.You are behind this car, with some nice looking blacked out taillights, and you find it intriguing, you get curious, you want it but don’t know how or what to do.

I am here to help, as experience sharing is better than making costly mistakes on your own.

There are a lot of cars around with blacked out taillights, but most probably you didn’t notice, until you saw the perfect setup. You saw those blacked out taillights standing right there in front of you, and the car that would otherwise be completely normal, seemed like attracting you to it.I could talk for hours and hours and how you can do it, what materials you can use and what to avoid. But what you want is a complete do it yourself guide, that is easy to follow and doesn’t need a rocket scientist to understand it.

How to smoke your tail lights

How to smoke your tail lights

You want an opportunity to buy cool stuff, and do cool works. You want YOUR CAR to look best.Well, I’ll show here how to do it, how to smoke those tail lights and get the best results.

So, first things first. What you need to start and finish the process.


Now let’s get started.

You have to remove all the screws or trim piecing from the tail light. This will allow for proper works and once done, you can put those back over a unified smoked surface. The screwdriver will help you on this, and to remove any clips that are holding plastic part over the tail light.

Take a spray bottle and fill it with soapy water. Spray the water all over the tail light, and take extra care to reach all the difficult places. Don’t spare any soapy water and try to get the tail lights really wet. This step is very important as it will be the foundation for the other layers. Take the microfiber and start cleaning the taillights. Try to get every crack you see or feel with your hands. Take extra care to remove all the water out of the taillights. Please beware that if water is left over, it will leave runs on the paint and your taillights will look sloppy.

Run the taillights over with the Synthetic Absorber as well, for drying to be completed for good. Spray the tail light again and make sure it’s really wet. Take your 1500 grit sandpaper and your sanding block. Start sanding your tail lights in a left to right motion. After a while you want to go up and down. Take off the sanding block so you can get on the little  edges on the inside with the sanding paper. Make sure that you’ll get everything so you can have a nice and even coat.

How to smoke your tail lights

How to smoke your tail lights

Spray the tail light again and clean it with the microfiber towel. Now get the 2500grit sand paper and spray it with water, spray the tail light again and start sanding one more time. The process is the same as with the 1500 grit sandpaper. The 2500grit sand paper is needed in order to make the scratches smaller than the ones left by the 1500grit sand paper. This way the paint will look more even on the tail light. Take a microfiber towel and clean everything. The tail light should look kind of faded before you apply the paint.

Take the Black tail light lens coating, shake it up well and start applying your first coat and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes before you go on with the second coat. If you’re not satisfied you can go on and apply a third coat, it’s all up to you. After 30 minutes of applying the last layer of coating you can move forward with the process. Spray the tail light with water and clean it carefully with a microfiber towel just in case any dust got on it while drying. Spray the Clear tail light lens coating which will add gloss and protection from the sunlight so the smoke won’t fade out. Add a second coat of clear coat, and a final coat after that.

That’s it!

If you followed all the steps as described above, you’ll know how to smoke your tail lights.
Hope you enjoyed this article and welcome to the club of Blacked Out Taillights.